Spider-Man Ultimate Power

Spider-Man Ultimate Power 1.0.0

Spin a web as fast as you can!

Spider-Man Ultimate Power is a an arcade runner game in which you star as the arachnid super hero. View full description


  • Simple controls
  • Fast and action-packed
  • Upgrade your character


  • Tired gameplay format
  • Unoriginal story


Spider-Man Ultimate Power is a an arcade runner game in which you star as the arachnid super hero.

Trouble in the neighborhood

The premise of Spider-Man Ultimate Power is pretty straightforward. You run through the various scenarios, jumping the platforms and smashing bad guys as you go. The story is nothing very original: the bad guys are up to no good and it's up to Spidey to stop them.

Spider-Man Ultimate Power has two game modes: Story and Survival. In Story mode you must complete missions to progress through the storyline. Missions are varied and include tasks such as destroying a set number of bad guys, or collecting things.

You can earn/purchase game currency in Spider-Man Ultimate Power which can be used for upgrading Spidey's powers, applying boosts, or unlocking different suits to wear.

On the web

The action in Spider-Man Ultimate Power consists of running, jumping, swinging and shooting. The controls for all of these are pretty simple to grasp and Spider-Man automatically runs so you only need to control his actions.

It's all very fast and furious but it's good fun. Pulling off combos or wrapping up a bad guy in a web is very gratifying!

Comic book style

The graphics in Spider-Man Ultimate Power aren't sensational. They are bright and colorful and the characters look more or less as they do in the cartoon. The animation is pretty basic, though.

A fun superhero romp

Super-Man Ultimate Power doesn't break any new ground in terms of gameplay. That said, it is fun to play and if you're a Spidey fan you should enjoy it.

Spider-Man Ultimate Power


Spider-Man Ultimate Power 1.0.0